Insa Deist, graphic designer based in Amsterdam, send a >Mail or find me on >IG,
mostly collaborating on projects together with >Hjördis Lyn Behncken

graduated from the >Design Department, >Sandberg Instituut with >Hot Mindless Salesgirl a mixed media installation (couch, earpieces and audiobook) concerned with epochal waves of feminist history and the proliferation of online microtrends

Recent Projects:
>Composition as Explanation, ongoing joint design research practice with Hjördis Lyn Behncken dealing with the theme of language and design and their respective correlation. We explore how designers develop narratives and positions through language (be it in their work or about their work) and language's relationship with visual design. We aim to materialize the research in collaborative, performative, and physical formats. With this project we were invited to teach a workshop at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle >Catwings, website, identity and poster for Catwings an initiative for relational, situational, and performative art and research based in Leipzig, Germany. >Berge Versetzen, Exhibitiondesign, Wall Lettering and Poster for the exhibition Moving Mountains by the artists' collective PARA at the Grassi Museum Leipzig. As part of the exhibition Reinventing Grassi.skd, the collective deals with the museum's provenance research and past. The focus is on the summit stone of Kilimanjaro, which was stolen in 1889 by the German colonial geographer and founder of the museum Hans Meyer, and poses questions about colonial ownership of culture and natural assets. >Damask, graphic design and art direction for the Artist Book Damask initiated by Daniela Takeva, a collaborative research project, which uses text and images to examine answers for specific questions in a nonlinear way of thinking.